Technology is the name of the game and winning the game means exploiting technology. With this mouthful said, welcome to The Webguy's "Web Based Resume". With information taken directly from his actual resume (see link on previous page!) this page provides you the ability to begin evaluating The Webguy's qualifications against web-oriented opportunities within your own organization.
The Webguy's objective is to find a web-oriented position that will allow him to use his extensive knowledge of Internet related technologies to benefit his employer and grow as a professional.


  • Over Five (5) years of management experience with Internet related technologies. (Including Best Practices, Strategies, Architectures, Polices and Procedures.)
  • Over Six (6) years of Internet administration experience (Including Win 9X, NT and 2000, Microsoft PWS, IIS, MS DNS and MS Proxy, O'Reilly's Website Pro, Apache and Sendmail.)
  • Over Seven (7) years of development experience with Internet technology. (Including HTML, XML, XSL, WML, HDML, ASP, JSP, PERL, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, VBScript, VisualBasic and Delphi.)
  • Thorough understanding of computer systems and networking protocols. (Including MS-DOS, Windows 3.X, 95', 98' and NT, UNIX, Linux, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DNS, POP3 and SMTP) 
  • Proficient in professional communications, technical writing, oral presentations and assorted presentation methods and mediums (Including MS Project, Publisher, PowerPoint, slides and projectors.) 
  • Creative skills with proficiencies in several graphic and WYSIWYG programs. (Including MacroMedia UltraDev, DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro and Corel Paint)
  • Self-motivated and detail oriented with exceptional problem solving and project management skills. 
  • Strong work ethic with an intense desire to succeed.
  • Proven track record of success with the ability to produce quality results. 
  • Work well in large and small groups or on an individual basis. 

University of North Texas, Denton, TX. (January 1995 - December 1995) Courses required to obtain Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Sciences with a minor in English.

Tarrant County Junior College, Hurst, TX. (August 1992 - December 1994) Courses required for Associate of Arts degree in computer sciences.


Major Technology Consulting Firm
(October 1999 - Present) 

  • Senior Level Internet Technologies Consultant
  • Project Implementation Lead
  • Mentor Junior Level Consultants
  • Architect and Strategize Internet based technology solutions
  • Optimize or Implement Client Internet, Intranet and Extranet operations
  • Create competitive advantages for clients by exploiting Internet based technologies
  • Facilitate decision making and knowledge management
  • Increase revenues and decrease expenditures through automation and enhancement of processes and procedures

Major Wireless Telecommunications Company (February 1998 - October 1999) 

  • Technical Manager and Implementation Lead for Workflow and Web Enabled Business Development Group 
  • Senior IT Analyst responsible for Internet technology related strategy, architecture, policies and procedures 
  • Facilitate integration of Internet technologies with business processes, requirements and specifications 
  • Architect, implement and coordinate enterprise-wide Intranet resources 
  • Research and evaluate new and emerging Internet technologies
  • Evaluate new projects against accepted Internet standards and guidelines 
Sole Proprietorship
(February 1994 - Present)
  • Internet, Computer and Network Consulting and Installation services
  • World Wide Web Hosting Services (HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 servers)
  • Design and Develop custom Internet and Intranet networking solution
Major Texas Mortgage Broker Company (January 1996 - February 1998)
  • Divisional Manager for New America Information Systems
  • Determined and Implemented Internet strategies, policies and procedures company wide
  • Designed, Administrated and maintained Internet, Proxy, DNS and Electronic Mail servers for entire company and divisional clients 
Computerized Radio Station Automation Systems Company
(July 1995 - January 1996)
  • Provided technical support for computer hardware and software related issues
  • Assembled new computer systems
  • Devised new procedures for computer assembly and software installation 
Texas Based National Retailer (October 1988 - December 1991)
  • Awarded Manager of The Year 1989
  • Authored employee training manual for nationwide distribution and usage
  • Hired, trained and managed personnel
  • Controlled and recorded inventory 
  • Processed monthly payroll
  • Reported and tracked monthly Profit & Loss statements 

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